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Guardian Program

Our dogs, cats, and other pets are like family. While it may be hard to think about, who will look after your pet(s) if something should happen to you? At Joybound, we offer peace of mind that your pet(s) will be taken care of with love and compassion. Our talented veterinary and adoption teams will ensure your furry companion(s) receives immediate care while we look to find a new loving home.

The Guardian Program is a service for Joybound legacy donors who specify that they are entrusting the care of their Pet(s) to Joybound at the time of their death. The program is available for cats and dogs, with a limit of two (2) pets per person.

It's easy to enroll your pets in the Guardian Program:

  • Make a legacy gift to Joybound by naming Joybound as a beneficiary in your will, trust, retirement, or other financial account(s). All legacy gifts, will be used to save lives.
  • Complete the Guardian Program Pet Biography, providing information about your pet's food preferences, likes and dislikes, habits and special needs.
  • Specify in your will or trust documents that your pet is to be entrusted to Joybound at the time of death: "At the time of my death, I give my pet(s) to Joybound's Guardian Program for placement in a loving home."
  • Designate a friend, relative or the estate executor to act as interim caretaker and to bring the companion animal to Joybound's caring staff.
  • Send a copy of the completed Pet Biography form and pertinent estate documents to Joybound. Keep a copy of your Pet Biography with your will. Joybound recommends updating the form every six months.
  • Each pet will need to pass a behavioral assessment to be re-homed.

For more information, contact Lynn Takahashi at (925) 296-3156 or [email protected].